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People often ask me about my work with Kneehigh. This is for several reasons I think - firstly people tend to become intoxicated and entranced by their work, secondly they are a devising company and everyone is always curious about the process and thirdly they are on the GCSE and A-level syllabus.

It's true I do work with Kneehigh a lot; they use other designers as well though.

Kneehigh, as an organisation, is small and run from a very busy office in Truro with some great staff who keep the maverick company in check, manage the tours and the members of company and creative team that the project has employed.

The question people often ask is - how do they do it? This is a pretty broad question and not one that I can answer very well. It's often reported that the Kneehigh process is shrouded in secrecy. It's not - it's just that if you're not working on the show you're not allowed into rehearsal.

Emma Rice and Mike Sheppard are joint Artistic Directors and Paul Crewes is both Chief Exec and Producer. Emma has often talked about her process and there are various interviews and articles online about it.

The big thing for me is that show doesn't start with a script; it starts with a story. Then a world is created and devised in which that story can be told and solutions to telling that story can be found.

I love working for Kneehigh and feel honoured and privileged to be a part of them. It has to taught me to work in a different way, to be open, to be able to play. They have taught me to think in a different way, to not be frightened to enjoy mistakes and create the impossible.

It's hard work, never dull and always rewarding.

The best way to understand Kneehigh is to come and see us, just don't ask to sit in on a rehearsal.

(Since I wrote this many changes have happened at Kneehigh. Emma has gone onto run The Globe and Paul Crewes is now Chief Exec at an Arts Venue in LA. Mike is now sole artistic director and Ali Robertson is the new Chief Exec. Emma and Paul are still close to the company and remain associate artists. Kneehigh have also become associate artists at the Globe and will be playing 2 shows there this summer.