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Rebecca Freedom Theme

This is the original demo of the freedom theme for Rebecca. Elements of the demo were played live on Marimba, Bass, Guitar and Violin with some percussion on track
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Rebecca Mrs Danvers Theme

This is the original demo of the Mrs Danvers theme for Rebecca. Elements of the demo were played live on Marimba, Bass, Guitar and Violin. We wanted something so simple that it could weave in and out - the same way Danvers could just appear from nowhere.
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Rebecca Truth Theme

This is the original demo of the Truth theme for Rebecca.
Elements of the demo were played live on Marimba, Bass, Guitar and Violin.
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Rebecca Interval Dance

One for students…

Emma had asked for a Charleston to be remixed - this went through many versions.

I started with a straight Charleston and went through various iterations of electro swing - whilst fun, it didn’t lock into our world so I started again - several times.

I was keen to get a nod to Bollywood into it

Emma note was to start with something we know and never get to far away from it…

We’d used Sweet Georgia Brown in the Pre Show to Brief Encounter so I thought it might be good to re-visit it. So, version 3 and we get something that might work in rehearsal. The final below went through another edit and some extra dance accents whilst in rehearsals.

Heres the idea that we used in the show - this is the full length version.

Getting closer with this one - but its too complicated and too fast

Interesting but wrong - my bass playing also dubious.

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Steptoe and Son

This is the original demo
More a sketch book - a variant of this was used in the show as the opening. The score needed to do a few things…it needed to establish a broken world… it needed to establish a dream like holding state… it needed to nod to the original iconic tune.
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Steptoe and Son

Playout - Asylum Mix
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Umbrellas of Cherbourg

End Of Act 3
Live recording.
We wanted the end of our show to have the theme start on a radio and then grow to the live band and slowly the track take over meaning the band could put on their coats and leave into a modern Soho with our Narrator. As if the dock doors really did open out onto the real world. A really tricky bit of sound and music design.
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Roaring Girl

Transition to Grays Inn
Demo for director - taught to live band
A tricky time pass, location change moment with a dialogue insert.
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125th Street

This ones a bit different. Its a show recording from a long closed show I designed for Autograph. 125th Street. It was written and directed by Rob Bettison who had also written Buddy and Jolson. It was set at the Apollo Theatre on 125th St, Harlem and constructed around a fictional talent show - due to a riot none of the acts have turned up and its left to the stage crew of the theatre to entertain the angry crowd.

It was never really a hit. The Shaftesbury was still off the map and the reviews were harsh.

I had a great time making this show. Listening back to this now still cheers me up. A brilliant song, a great lead vocal and one of the best bands to play the west end…I can vaguely remember that the guitarist was from Procol Harum, the brass section came from Jools Holland, the drummer was a lovely bloke called Sam.

I honestly can’t remember anyones name so apologies for not crediting anybody here. Ive put it up as a reminder of what musicals used to be like - Cadac consoles, MSL2s on the Pros and a load of outboard. This mix was straight from the desk onto my portable DAT recorder and probably done for an EPK. Laurie Kirkby was the No1. This is his mix. Old School.